05 December 2008

Eat Here: Pause

Last year I moved from downtown to North Portland. One of my main concerns about leaving downtown was that there wouldn't be very many good restaurants within walking distance. I was grateful to be wrong. Besides Roux and breakfast-staple Beaterville, we were delighted to stumble upon, what I consider to be, the perfect neighborhood restaurant, Pause.

Shawn and I took my aunt there for dinner last night. In our 16 months in North Portland, I'd say we've been there about 30 times. Maybe more. What's so special about this place is that not only do they serve the best burgers in town, but those burgers are made from meat ground right there in the kitchen, the fries are house-cut, the pickles that come on the side are pickled there...you see where I'm going? Last night I had the cuban sandwich with the house-cured ham and mounds of perfectly cooked pork. What's even more ridiculous are the prices. That delicious sandwich and fries cost $8. $8. Same with the Tillamook cheeseburger. I can spend that at Baja Fresh and not feel nearly as satisfied. In fact, this summer I celebrated my birthday there (out on the great enclosed, grassy patio) and our grand total for 13 of us, including drinks, appetizers, dinner, and 20% included gratuity was....$270. The one downside is that I wouldn't recommend it for vegetarians. However, the mac and cheese is quite delicious as are many of their appetizers. It blows my mind that this place is owned by the same people who brough us the Low Brow. Although I do like that bar, I try my best not to end up there when I'm hungry.

Open 11:30am-1am M-Sat, 12pm-midnight Sun.
Happy hour runs from 4-6pm, I believe...that means your $3.50 micro is now $2.50. Sweet.

PS...order the pickle plate


  1. Sigh. I miss Pause. Must go when we're out there again.

  2. Carmel,

    Definitely a great spot! We enjoyed the burgers and are looking to get back to sample other tasty stuff. In terms of the pickle plate? I think I'll stay clear of that. While they may be homemade, I found them extremely sour and not what a pickle should taste like. Otherwise a real hit.

    Read our review here: http://www.dudesweet.com/2009/05/18/pause-kitchen-and-bar-burger-review/