31 January 2010

Pizza Night

Last night I recreated my favorite pizza: the patate, lamb n' ham from Vincente's. It consists of lamb sausage, prosciutto ham, roasted red potatoes, mushrooms, and smoked mozzarella. I was assembling our grocery shopping list (care of New Seasons online) and thought pizza would be a fun Saturday night dinner. I've been dying to try out a beer pizza crust and finally made time to do it. I had beer pizza crust once before, from Jet City Pizza in Seattle, and became enamored with the idea of beer in my crust. I found the recipe on Foodista, but made a whole wheat crust from the Test Kitchen, just in case.
Which dough will rise first?
Cheese pizza I ended up making with the whole wheat crust
Our delicious ingredients

The Results
The crust was delicious, although made an odd amount--not quite enough for two, but too much for one. I ended up making bread sticks out of the extra, which was a fabulous idea. I brushed them with olive oil and threw on some coarse ground kosher salt. The toppings turned out amazing. Whether at home or at Vincente's, that combination remains at the top of my list.

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