22 January 2011

New Toy!

My friends got me a beautiful new cast iron skillet for a birthday present (after a little mishap with the original cast iron skillet they got me) and it was finally delivered just before Christmas. One use and I'm already in love.
I used it to make indoor grilled steak to use in tacos. I love using a cheap piece of meat, like London Broil, and turning into a seemingly decadent treat. It's really all in the way you cook it. Well, ok, I did do some tenderizing with a fork, but mostly, just cooked it to perfection using a preheated skillet and a very hot oven.

Throw some lime juice on at the end and there you have it...perfectly cooked and economical steak for the perfect taco. Yes, I realize now I should have taken a picture of said tacos.

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