24 October 2011

New York Travels

I have been a little quiet around here since last week we had an amazing vacation to New York--both the city and upstate, to see my in-laws. Obviously, we ate well in NYC:

Bouchon from Le Bouchon...we also had a ham and cheese croissant, but obviously I couldn't resist it long enough to take a picture

Pizza in Little Italy

No, that's not a cigar, that's my first cannoli

Spicy pork soup at Wo Hop in Chinatown

Steamed dumplings

Pork and snow peas

Bagel and lox from 72nd Street Bagel

Sides for our enormous sandwich (the smaller pickles tasted like poo)

Corned beef and pastrami (we had to split it if we were going to ever dinner)

While in upstate, we were treated to a lovely home-cooked meal when we arrived. I wish I had taken a picture of the Italian feast! We had chicken parmesan, which by now you should know Shawn adores, and lasagna. It was very nice after a weekend of eating out to get a homemade meal.

We also went out with a big group of family friends for wing night. $4.50 for a dozen wings? Yes, please! Only thing missing was better beer, but you can't win 'em all.

Since Shawn's parents always come to visit in the summer (or in last year's case, in October for our wedding), I never get to cook anything for them. We either grill or go out since it's too hot outside to cook. I took advantage of the cooler weather and made them a Mexican meal, given that there's not a lot of authentic Mexican food in upstate New York. I opted for chile verde and lucked out that their grocery store carried tomatillos. Given more time, I would have made tortillas, too, since the only options were Mission flour tortillas and a brand called Chi Chi's (not even going there).
Chile verde with beans, rice, and a little coleslaw, of sorts
With plenty of leftovers, I took over breakfast the next morning and made huevos rancheros.

It was a fun and seemingly quick visit, but we have lots of wonderful memories. It was such a delight to get to celebrate our first anniversary in a new city and then with our family. We love you!

October 16, 2010...the day I married my best friend and the man of my dreams, and got to join this great family


  1. Your wedding photo is beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful (and delicious) trip. I had a "bouchon" from the Yountville Bouchon, and it was certainly rich. What deli did you go to?

  2. Thank you!

    I'm glad we split the bouchon as it was VERY rich.

    We went to Artie's. I was unimpressed with the Red Robin-esque decor, but the sandwich was good. I'm still a little bitter they gave themselves an extra $5 tip on our card, though.