09 May 2012

Healthy White Bean, Avocado & Tuna Wraps

The sun has finally appeared in Portland! As the pasty, white skin makes its way out into public and hipsters all over the city spend lazy warm days sitting on patios of various microbreweries, it's time to start thinking about ways to make dinner on a budget without the use of the oven (you know, so I can join those cool people and up my beer budget).

I saw this post on Pinterest and was inspired to use that last can of white beans in my cupboard to make something similar. I am trying to eat a little better with the summer months coming, as well as my half marathon in July. New Seasons had some nice looking whole wheat tortillas on sale last week, but sadly, by the time I got there, they were all gone. So, I went with another kind on sale--Ezekiel sprouted grain. Before I go on, I really do love Ezekiel products. I buy their English muffins quite regularly, and the bread makes great toast. That being said, if you don't heat those things up, it takes and feels like chewing thick cardboard. I was a little hesitant buying the tortillas knowing they would be eaten cold. In fact, I think I spent about ten minutes squatting next to the tortillas trying desperately to find the other brand at the bottom of the strewn about packages. To no avail...

I had to go out for a run before dinner tonight, so I left my husband to be the guinea pig. Luckily he has a strong stomach and isn't too picky. I threw together the bean dip, layered it all, carefully wrapped it up so it wouldn't all fall out...he tasted it and....loved it! Phew.

At this point I wasn't sure it was going to fit...

...but I'm now considering a job at Taco del Mar

Like most things in life, everything is better with a little Sriracha!
Healthy White Bean, Avocado & Tuna Wraps
Makes 4 wraps

4 large whole wheat tortillas
2 cups Spring salad mix
1 roma tomato (that's the only thing that looks decent right now), diced
1 red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
2 cans of tuna, rinsed
1 avocado, smashed
1 can White beans (cannellini are not necessary, but always slightly more delicious), rinsed
1 T olive oil
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
Juice from 1 lemon
1/8 tsp Salt
Pepper, to taste

Empty rinsed beans into food processor bowl. Add lemon juice, salt, and chopped rosemary. Turn food processor on and slowly add olive oil until combined. Season with pepper. Set aside.

Heat tortillas under wet paper towel in microwave to "steam" them for about 30 seconds. Place one tortilla on plate, spread bean mixture on half of the tortilla, almost to the edge of one side. Put in 1/4 of smashed avocado down the middle, 1/2 cup lettuce (or more, depending on how much you like...but remember you'll have to roll it), sprinkle of tomato, 1/4 of bell pepper strips, and 1/2 can tuna. Carefully roll tightly, slice and serve with tortilla chips, if you're so inclined. I was.

Yep, it's that easy. Here's the nutrition info* if you are watching your intake, too.

Calories: 288
Fat: 11.57g
Saturated Fat: 1.73g
Cholesterol: 15g
Sodium: 273mg
Carbohydrates: 29.09g
Dietary Fiber: 9.34g
Sugars: 2.71
Protein: 14.46g

*Nutrition info provided by Livestrong.com Recipe Tracker.


  1. Yay! Something new to try soon! :-)

  2. I'm absolutely trying this, and I totally understand about the wraps/tortilla concerns. This is good to know!

  3. Mmm, I love tuna with white beans. They belong together. The wrap actually looks really good!

  4. Oh, and I read about a marathon through vineyards with wine in France last year and thought it was so awesome. That's great that you're doing that!

  5. I made this tonight and..YUM!! Great post workout meal. Thanks!

    1. That's a great idea for post-workout! After working out, then commuting home, you need something quick and filling that won't completely defeat the purpose of working out. :)