03 October 2012

Egg breakfast muffins

Oh breakfast. You "most important meal of the day" vixen, you. I know I need you, but sometimes, I really hate you. Oh sure, weekend you is great. It's all mimosas and eggs benedict and cinnamon rolls and frittatas. But weekday you...ugh. Nothing but yogurt and fruit and oatmeal and cereal. Occasionally, when I'm feeling naughty, a bagel will work its way into the mix, but then the guilt sets in and I go crawling back (because of all the unhealthy carbs I have no energy) to the old standards. Sigh.

But this time, I think I have you figured out. Last weekend, I made homemade hashbrowns. I was just in the mood. And since it's generally thought of as "unhealthy" to eat a full pound of potato along with your eggs and sausage, we had some leftovers.

And here comes leftovers to save the day, yet again. I layered the hashbrown on the bottom of a muffin tin, after generously spraying it with cooking spray, then cut up some leftover roast beef, and top it off with scrambled egg and a little bit of cheese.

And guess what? Not only was it delicious and easy to take to work (because of course I use some of my work time to eat breakfast...who doesn't?), but it wasn't even that unhealthy. In fact, I get more protein this way than any of your little other workday breakfast friends. Ha!

Only problem? Well, they kinda got stuck to the bottom of the pan.
Dammit Janet.

Oh weekday breakfast. You got me this time, but we will meet again. Oh yes...we will.


  1. Those look scrumptious! My first thought on the pan-sticking problem was a strip of parchment paper with some sticking out so you can "lift" it when they're done and cooled.

    1. Good call. I thought I had some leftover aluminum muffin liners, but didn't. Parchment is always a good idea.

  2. Oh, these look so delicious! The food in Asia has generally been excellent, but I definitely miss getting to have lazy breakfasts (which I realize these weren't really, but anything involving eggs and potatoes for breakfast these days seems so foreign, I feel like they must be a decadent splurge). I'm sure next time you will master them!

    1. I think that will be a challenge for me. I like so much variety and although I'm positive the food in Asia will be phenomenal, I'll need my fixes of other cuisines.