29 January 2009

Quick follow up to earlier this month

I did end up trying a "whole wheat" bread. It was the almost-no-knead whole wheat bread from the Test Kitchen. While it does have whole wheat flour, it has twice as much white flour, along with beer and honey to keep it moist. I understand the purpose, but I really do need to figure out a whole grain bread that doesn't involve white flour, and doesn't turn out to be a brick. I think I'm going to try one with a multi-grain cereal like Bob's Red Mill (love those products).

A funny note on my whole wheat bread though...it turned out well and despite its overcooked bottom, it was very tasty. However, the funny part was that it was almost a perfect ball. It never really settled down like the white bread--probably a little too dense. I'm adjusting.

Next up will be pizza dough...more to come!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh, bread: the last frontier. I need to start making some bread. I have a great recipe for hot chocolate bread that just boggles my mind! Keep up the good work!