29 April 2009

Back to bread baking

Since this last weekend may have been the last chilly/free weekend I had for some time, I thought I would finally tackle my goal of my first multigrain bread. I bought the ingredients about 6 weeks ago and haven't gotten around to making it. Bread baking is time consuming, but I manage to find time every other weekend. I think the idea of making the hot cereal and cooling it before I even got started on the actual kneading scared me off a bit. But this Sunday, I had more time than usual since I'm healing a small running injury and would be skipping my 9 mile run. (Hallelujah).

And while I was baking one loaf, why not just throw another one in there? That was my reasoning apparently, because I also made an effort to prepare a lovely parmesan focaccia for our pasta dinner on Monday. What was I thinking? I spent about 4 hours baking bread on Sunday, along with another hour making dinner. Good thing it was worth it.

Both loaves turned out very well. The multigrain is especially good. It's holding up well in the refrigerator, too, and makes wonderful toast.

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