04 February 2010

Double Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

I had a moment of domesticity last night and decided to make a quick batch of cookies. I inherited some baking supplies from a coworker a week ago and had an idea immediately to use them in an oatmeal cookie.

Using a basic oatmeal cookie recipe from the Test Kitchen's Best Light Recipe* cookbook, I added chopped dried cherries, a large handful of white chocolate chips, and another large handful of dark chocolate chips.

Sorry so dark

They were delicious right out of the oven--just wish I would've had some milk around to go with them. Shawn gave his hearty approval, as did my coworkers the next day, even though they were cold. 

*Side note: I highly recommend the Light Recipe cookbook. They focus heavily on flavor and try to cut down the fat and calories of a lot of great dishes. I'm not a huge believer in low-fat diets, but if you can trim down a recipe without using crazy altered ingredients, I'm all for it. I've cut down my use of oils in a lot of recipes just using techniques like sweating the onions.


  1. They were tremendously good and a great treat to brighten a Thursday morning!

  2. Dude, those look great. Health + Delicious are hard to come by.

    ... evidenced by the whole-wheat cranberry pear cobbler that's currently in my trash.