22 April 2010

First BBQ of 2010

Sunday afternoon in Portland was so beautiful and warm (you can tell it's spring when I think 67 degrees is warm), we had no choice but to BBQ our dinner. I bought bratwurst from New Seasons since they were on sale, but needed a good BBQ side dish.

I went to my Best Light Recipes for a French potato salad recipe. It's a very simple dressing of dijon mustard, a little olive oil, herbs (chives, parsley, tarragon...there was no chervil at the store), and  shallots over red potatoes.

Since squash is still mostly from Mexico and expensive, I decided to try barbequeing broccoli. I prepared it the way I normally would when broiling it, just coated with some olive oil. I forgot the sugar, which I normally add a tiny bit of when doing a quick roast like that to caramelize it a bit. It really didn't need it--it was seriously the best part of the meal. When broccoli is charred in areas and just cooked, squeeze a bit of lemon juice over it as well as fresh-ground pepper and salt.

So ready for summer to get here, just for meals like this..

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