22 November 2011

Easy Roast Beef

It was a busy Sunday in our little house while I prepped all that I could for our Turkey Day potluck at Chris and Stacey's. I managed to fit in a warm Sunday dinner for us and testing out a recipe (not pictured) for Cook's Illustrated (yes, I'm that cool...ok, it's open to anyone, but I still feel cool). I used a bottom round
roast, even though Cook's Illustrated warned against using one due to the difficulty in carving it. Given that most of the CI recipes are written for ideal conditions, I didn't worry too much about using an "inferior" cut of meat. Lucky for me it turned out perfectly, despite a terrible meat thermometer and having to do some guessing on when a smaller roast would be done. I served this lovely roast with horseradish cream sauce, green beans (ahem, my one shortcut for the day...they were frozen), and a recipe from the Best Light Recipes, barley and mushroom risotto. What a delicious dinner, and well deserved after a day of making two types of rolls, cornbread, boiling eggs, and this meal.

Much more to come after the big day!

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