09 April 2009

The sandwich...might it be the perfect food?

I've had a few small steaks sitting in my freezer since New Seasons' birthday party when everything went on a mad sale and we stocked up on pretty much every food category, a rare thing in our house. I had no idea what to do with it, until I thought to make steak sandwiches. Duh. I also had some leftover whole grain mustard pan sauce I made with steaks about a month ago in the freezer. So, I bought some ciabatta rolls and a little gorgonzola, threw it all together with caramelized onions. Here's my creation, complete with the quintessential tater tot.
I briefly considered calling this post, "Who needs Pause?" but then I realized that no matter how well I cook, I could never replace Pause.

Anyway, this brings me to the REAL title of this post...might the sandwich be the perfect food? I think so. You've got all major food groups represented. It's delicious, and versatile. Best of all, it comes in one, neat package. Perfection.


  1. Speaking of sandwiches, have you tried Bunk yet? It's on SE Morrison, around 8th. It's so, so good.

  2. Of course Jason would comment on this....he loves sandwiches and we have discussed this very wonderous idea that they are perfect. And Bunk is delish - you gotta try it!

  3. Mmmm....tots.