19 June 2010

Date Night: Tostadas

Saturday night, Shawn and I had a very much-needed quiet night in for just the two of us. Since we were watching a movie, I wanted to make something fun to eat and create. I was going to make pizza, but we just had our end-of-boot-camp pizza party two nights prior at Mississippi Pizza (see past review of pizza places in Portland), so that wasn't going to happen. What else could be fun to make and eat? Tostadas, of course. A close relative of the taco, but flat and fun to pile, the tostada seemed like the perfect choice, especially after a morning trip to the Hollywood Farmers Market.

I cheated and bought a can of Bearito's refried beans. Since discovering the ease and less-greasy taste of baking the tostada shells, I've been a convert. They turn out just as crisp and delicious and require much less oil, and consequently oil burns. We topped with ground beef with a homemade taco seasoning, and lots of veggies. Overall, it was a pretty healthy meal...and even more importantly, an extremely satisfying one.

Lots of color!

Close up of all the good stuff.


  1. Are those radishes? Do you eat them on your tostadas??

  2. Yes, those are radishes and they are delicious on tostadas! Gives it a nice spicy crunch.