06 March 2009

Fin de Semana

Hooray! It's almost the weekend. I have some wonderful plans ahead, too...

Tonight, Shawn and I are having a "NoPo Date Night." We're going to try out the more formal dinner at Di Prima Dolci, the Italian Bakery in our neighborhood, and top it off with wine at the wine bar down the street, Yetti's. It's a semi-celebration for our upcoming four year anniversary since we'll be busy the rest of the month!

Saturday, I'm heading out to Casa Colima for a girl's night with some friends from the TTN studio. I am excited for Mexican food. I've never been there, but apparently there is a special dining night that benefits SW Hope Feed the Hungry campaign and a portion of what we spend there will be donated to feed the hungry. Sounds good to me! They also boast the biggest margaritas in town, but since I'm not one for that particular drink, I'll be opting for the Dos Equis.

Sunday, Shawn and I are taking our friend Michael out for his Christmas gift, which was dim sum at Wong King's Seafood Kitchen in SE, then on to Fubonn to pick up some much-needed knives. Oh, I just love dim sum and have been waiting to go back to this restaurant for ages.

This should really make up for all that money I've been saving by not eating out. Oy.

I also plan on making a multigrain loaf of sandwich bread, running 8 miles, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and somehow relaxing. We'll see how that goes.

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