22 March 2009

Running around eating and drinking...Or, a weekend with the family

My family came to town this weekend. It is always fun to see them and we always end up laughing a lot, fighting a little, but generally having a good time. We also end up eating and drinking a lot. I come from a foodie family apparently.

Friday night we went to the New Old Lompoc's Fifth Quadrant restaurant. New Old Lompoc was always the go-to restaurant when Shawn or I couldn't decide what we wanted to eat. Good sandwiches, beer, and sides at decent prices. What more could you want? We've gone there less since living down the street from Pause. It's hard to decide to drive even just 2 miles when there's something so good down the street. Anyway, the food was solid as always. I ordered a Gaelic Red (stands in for the Proletariat Red during the winter), but it was not good. I was surprised as I believe I've ordered it before and enjoyed it. Not sure if the beer changed or my taste buds. At least they were kind enough to bring me a replacement pale ale. Little things like that are what make a good restaurant great.

Saturday morning (well, afternoon almost) we finally made it out the door and hit Beaterville for breakfast. Another go-to restaurant. Since it was almost noon, we didn't have any trouble getting a table for 6. Gotta love Portland and its restaurants that serve breakfast all day.

Saturday evening we ordered wings from Fire on the Mountain. This was the first FOTM experience for my family, who have always been able to enjoy good wings from Wing Dome, up in Seattle. I think they were impressed. After quick naps for the boys (ah, mid-afternoon beer drunk), we enjoyed an evening of listening to records, playing darts, and drinking more beer, also known as, a typical Portland evening.

Sunday morning I cooked breakfast for 8 of us, as our friends the Rices were coming over. Nothing fancy, just bacon, eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast. Lucky for me, it was bread week at New Seasons, so all the bread was on sale.

Long weekend, but it was fun to see the family. I probably gained about 5 lbs, especially since I skipped my run yesterday. I hope to have more cooking updates this week as I started my house sitting gig up at my friends' house in the West Hills. They have the most amazing kitchen with a 6-burner gas stove and plenty of room to move around. I have at least one dinner party planned. I will be sure to take some pics!

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  1. Fire on the Mountain is awesome. Have fun mansion-sitting! (It may not actually be a mansion, but that's what I assume every house is in the west hills).