02 March 2009

No bake weekend

Sad. I meant to make multigrain bread yesterday, but when I got back from my run, soaked, cold, and tired, it just wasn't happening. I'm about 2 weeks away from my 15k race for the Shamrock Run, so the running schedule is getting a little longer and harder.

I promise that I'll have a bread post next week though! However, this is not solely a bread blog, or I would've named it such. I did do some cooking over the weekend. I'm sure everyone who has read this blog more than once knows I have a small obsession with America's Test Kitchen cook books. And with good reason. I have made their whole grain mustard pan sauce for chicken before and the high-fat version is, of course, to die for. But this weekend I tried the low-fat version from the Best Light Recipes book and I swear, there is no difference. At about half the fat and a third of the calories, I think I'll be using that sauce from now on. The best part, to me, is that besides being healthier, there aren't any weird ingredients involved. I have a problem with recipes that have you sub extra sugar or salt to cover up the fact that you've taken fat out. Hence why I'm obsessed with the test kitchen.

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